Franchise Opportunities


UNIGLOBE Travel is the world's largest single brand travel franchise organization with over 700 locations in more than 50 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. UNIGLOBE Travel (International)'s world headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and UNIGLOBE Travel (Eastern Canada) is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. With over 120 Canadian locations, UNIGLOBE Travel is truly a Canadian success story.

UNIGLOBE was founded in 1979 by U. Gary Charlwood and began operations in 1980. He has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UNIGLOBE since inception and of Century 21 Canada since 1976.

As a UNIGLOBE Travel Franchise or licensee of the UNIGLOBE Travel Affiliate Program, you will have access to years of business experience with best practices concepts built into all of our programs.

Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Benefits

High consumer recognition of the UNIGLOBE name and the public's perception of UNIGLOBE as a professional and reliable travel organization throughout the world as developed through mass advertising and promotion programs.


Continuous professional training programs dealing with all aspects of travel, business development, financial, sales and management. It's designed to allow all personnel in the UNIGLOBE system to develop skills, improve performance and achieve measurable results towards greater profitability. There are also several networking opportunites where you can learn from your peers, such as, Owners Meetings, Regional Conference & of course the very popular Owners Retreat.

Business Development

We work with you every step of the way, from finding you an agency location to helping you develop a business plan, to staff compensation & incentives, technology consultation, financial planning, etc.


The UNIGLOBE Systems and Support programs focus on five key profit strategies:

  • Recruiting and managing an outside sales force
  • Expanding your business and leisure clientele
  • Supporting Preferred Suppliers
  • Financial and Information Management
  • Utilizing the resources of the UNIGLOBE organization


You will benefit from all the advantages of being part of the world's largest travel franchise while simultaneously remaining independently owned and operated.

As we like to say, "You are in business for yourself but not by yourself."

Tools & Growth Programs

UNIGLOBE Telepro Program
Many agency owners and sales professionals say, "I can sell, I just need to get in the door," or "I hate making cold calls." To solve this dilemma, UNIGLOBE DOES IT FOR YOU! Inside sales representatives hired and trained by UNIGLOBE make outbound calls on your behalf to arrange appointments with qualified corporate prospects. We get you in the door and you make the presentation using UNIGLOBE corporate sales tools.

Sales Assistance

UNIGLOBE Travel simplifies the task of making sales calls by providing, sales training, professional leave behind brochures and sample proposals. We'll even help you interpret Request for Proposals (RFP's) and help you gain a better understanding of what the competition has to offer. Should you need assistance making the actual sales call, we can help you recruit and train professional sales people or go along with you to lend support.

UNIGLOBE Worldwide Hotel Program - Book negotiated corporate rates at over 25,000 properties in 130 countries, offering:
  • Rates available year round and guaranteed last room availability.
  • Blocked Space with over 1,000,000 room nights for our exclusive use, allowing you to obtain space in sold out situations.
  • Complimentary Amenities including, upgrades to best available room, free parking, free faxes, late check-out, plus much more.
  • Our hotel program is also available on the internet at This user-friendly product, allows the user to select hotels based on various criteria.

UNIGLOBE Travellers Emergency Hotline - Offering your customers the highest level of service.

This Canadian based service operates 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. For after hours assistance or while travelling, clients access the service by either calling a 1-800 number in North America or calling collect from anywhere in the world. This service is our highest rated service by our clients and agencies alike.

UNIGLOBE News - For professional and easy e-mail blasts.

UNIGLOBE has developed a very user-friendly e-mail blast system that allows you to send professional and timely information to your e-mail address list. You can easily create colourful e-mails, utilizing our picture gallery or have us produce them on your behalf or a combination of both. Clients appreciate being advised of seat sales, travel advisories, vacation specials.

UNIGLOBE Tele-Training - These workshops make UNIGLOBE Training more accessible to you and all your staff, regardless of where you are located. They have been designed to be short in length, approximately 40 ? 60 minutes with lots of useful content. You can participate from the comfort of own desk by simply calling into a conference call and watch the presentation unfold on your own computer.

UNIGLOBE Total Technology Solutions - Tools to retain clients, and get more!

UNIGLOBE Total Agency Website & Leisure Booking Engine is a customizable individual agency website for you to e-market your services to existing clients, and prospective leisure customers.

UNIGLOBE can provide updated content to your site, or you can take control with a user friendly, menu driven program including logo's and image galleries. The choice is yours.
This state of the art agency website comes complete with the Softvoyage booking engine which features Air, Car, Hotel, RBC Insurance, and Tour Operators including last minute booking capability. The best booking engine in the industry.

UNIGLOBE Online Solutions - Corporate Booking Engine

Today's corporate customers want the ability to book routine travel online AND use a competent travel management company for more complicated itineraries. UNIGLOBE Online Solutions empowers your clients to book their travel online WITH YOU whenever, wherever! At the same time it delivers cost savings and policy compliance while providing enhanced service.
  • Operated by UNIGLOBE under license from industry leader Amadeus e-Travel.
  • Can be customized with individual corporate travel policies & account name.
  • Can search air, car and hotel simultaneously.
  • Reduces your labour costs allowing you to offer a lower service fee option for your corporate clients and helps you attract new prospects.

UNIGLOBE Total Quality Manager

Out-compete the internet and other agencies with UTM as your robotic, "super-agent" that works 24/7 for lower fares, seat assignments, waitlist clearance and offers seamless quality control checks on all reservations made. It even checks that the appropriate at source commission has been taken. UTM also functions as a file finisher, substantially improving agent productivity by doing such tasks as adding itinerary remarks, etc. Use UTM as a marketing tool to attract and retain customers who demand perfection and value.

UNIGLOBE Total Reporter

UNIGLOBE Total Reporter provides corporate customers with user-specific access to both pre-ticketed and post-ticketed travel data 24 hours a day without the need for any proprietary software and regardless of their hardware platform. With over 100 reports including graphical and credit card reconciliation as well as unlimited custom reports, your clients will love you. And best of all, it will save you countless hours consolidating data for corporate clients, especially those with multiple locations as well as the time necessary to distribute reports.

UNIGLOBE e-Travel Advisories

Allows you to provide useful destination information to your clients on 30 categories they need to know before they travel. Every thing from health requirements to documentation to best items to shop for in the destination, are covered in these advisories.

Please note: For new entrants to the travel industry & UNIGLOBE Travel, a minimum of $80,000 - $115,000 investment is required.

If you are interested and would like to inquire about this Franchise opportunity, click here.

Affiliate Opportunities

We developed the UNIGLOBE Travel Affiliate Program to provide existing retail travel agencies with strong growth programs, where we generate qualified corporate account leads for you to obtain new corporate clients, and cost-effective technology tools for you to attract, service and retain these clients. We also have the best direct mail & e-mail program to help you grow your leisure and cruise business. Rather than have you pay for programs you don't need or want, we now have a menu of reasonably priced programs.

Programs Offered:

  • Incentives on Preferred Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals, Consolidators, Tour Operators, Cruise, Insurance, Billing Systems & GDS
  • Corporate Growth Program, utilizing Regional Inside Sales to set appointments, professional corporate materials, sales training & assistance with presentations & RFPs
  • UNIGLOBE Total Quality Manager (Robotic Quality Control, Low Fare Search, Seat Finder & File Finishing)
  • UNIGLOBE Travellers Emergency Hotline
  • UNIGLOBE Total Hotel Program
  • UNIGLOBE Online Solutions - Corporate Booking Engine
  • UNIGLOBE Total Reporter - Online account management & Client information reporting
  • UNIGLOBE Trips Website including Softvoyage booking engine
  • UNIGLOBE News for professional & easy e-mail blasts
  • UNIGLOBE / Engagement Direct Mail
  • UNIGLOBE e-Travel advisories - provides clients with vital destination information.
  • UNIGLOBE Tele-Training - 4 - 5 workshops per month from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Membership in UNIGLOBE Franchise Owners' Association
  • Agency Business Development including assistance with business plans, staff compensation & incentives (salary surveys), technology consultation, financial benchmarking, etc.
  • Participation in UNIGLOBE Owners Retreat, Regional Conference (includes staff), Corporate Client Golf Tournament, Owners Forums, Managers Forums and all staff training programs.

The royalties, the teal blue jackets and the need to change your name are all gone and replaced with a much more affordable licensing program. The bottom line - the travel industry has changed and so has UNIGLOBE.

If you are interested and would like to inquire about this opportunity, click here.

Contact Information

Comprehensive information is available by contacting the office below or by completing the simple form here

UNIGLOBE Travel (Eastern Canada)
5915 Airport Road, Suite 900
Mississauga, Ontario
L4V 1T1

Phone: (905) 671-4497, ext. 229
Fax: (905) 671-3051

** Please Note: $80,000 - $115,000 minimum capital is required for New Agency Owners